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The Disney Dads Podcast

The goal of the Disney Dads Podcast is to spread family friendly Disney content through our weekly podcasts. By supporting the show, you are joining us in creating a community that loves all things Disney. We appreciate any support you may show us and the show by becoming a valued Patreon Member of the Disney Dads Podcast. Thank you for letting us be a part of your Disney life, and supporting a community that will  “Always Keep It Disney”

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  • The trvogt's Podcast Creator
    The trvogt's Podcast 2 months ago
    I’ve been listening to the podcast for years and I can’t wait to hear the additional content. PS. I agree with Katie, not a fan of Sanaa. (And I prefer my steak medium!) 😆
  • The alandcurtisii's Podcast Creator
    The alandcurtisii's Podcast 3 months ago
    Joining patron was a father's day gift and I'm so excited! Love the podcast! Now to catch up on the back log!
  • The Buckley99's Podcast Creator
    The Buckley99's Podcast 4 months ago
    Love the Disney Dads podcast, and glad to be part of the patron group!
  • The remrjohnson2's Podcast Creator
    The remrjohnson2's Podcast 5 months ago
    Joining Patron was my Mother’s Day gift. My family knows me so well 😊
    Can’t wait to listen to the past Patron episodes, you guys are the best.
  • The mrbretward's Podcast Creator
    The mrbretward's Podcast 5 months ago
    I’ve listened to the podcast fir a while. You gouts are definitely the best Disney podcast around!
  • The brittanyanndukes's Podcast Creator
    The brittanyanndukes's Podcast 9 months ago
    I guess I’ve been living under a rock, but I’m happy to be here now!!
  • The rmac757's Podcast Creator
    The rmac757's Podcast 2020-09-03
    Finally joined Patron after enjoying your show for quite a while. Thanks fellas love the content.

  • Creator
    Keeping it Disney all the way from Scotland!
  • The irenebsmith's Podcast Creator
    The irenebsmith's Podcast 2020-04-29
    Love you guys. We bleed Disney.
  • Creator
    Hey guys hope this small thing, can help with the family you´ve created
    Much Love

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Thank you for supporting the show!

$2 or more per month • 46 patrons

Thank you for taking a step in supporting the three of us on this journey.