The top professional wrestling radio show in Las Vegas! LIVE Sundays 8-10 PT on 101.5 FM/720 AM



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The top professional wrestling radio show in Las Vegas! LIVE Sundays 8-10 PT on 101.5 FM/720 AM

After some time away from the mic, Mark Hoke makes his return to the Las Vegas and internet air waves.  After being heard in over 110 countries and traveling North America covering the felt doing nearly 1,000 shows, the long-time poker radio host is back, and this time is taking on the exciting world of professional wrestling.  

Mark is a long-time successful salesperson and business manager along with an incredible 20-plus year volleyball coaching career.  But his current and most important accomplishment is as a single father to his 13-year old daughter.  Hoke returned to the radio business as a producer for two of the top radio talk show hosts in Las Vegas - Kevin Wall and Wayne Allyn Root.  Hoke added to that list producing numerous shows at KDWN 101.5 FM/790 AM including the top-rated "The Steve Sanchez Show" and "Sports X Radio" with Ken Thompson.

Why wrestling?  Ever since seeing it on TV as a kid and being a wrestler in high school, Hoke has been in love with what has gone on in the squared circle and even become known as "The Hokester" in high school from his fandom of the Immortal One - Hulk Hogan.

From his early days seeing WWF cards at HersheyPark Arena to the Summerslam here in Las Vegas, pro wrestling has a been a large part of Mark's life.  And that passion will now be translated to the Las Vegas airwaves and beyond.

Mark's cohosts are some of the best personalities you could find as well.

Andrew "Fish" Fain is an experienced broadcaster who currently works Mondays as part of the "SportsXRadio" team of "Fish and Chips" on KDWN. Fain has also done work for ESPN, the NFL Network, Sporting News Radio and Fox Sports Net.

Joe DeFalco is the owner of Future Stars of Wrestling in Las Vegas running his wrestling promotion and academy. DeFalco has trained some of the stars you see on TV right now such as WWE's Karrion Kross, Zoey Stark, NXT's Solo Sikoa of the legendary Anoa'i family (The Rock, Roman Reigns, The Usos, Rikishi and the Wild Samoans) and IMPACT Wrestling's Chris Bey. DeFalco has also collaborated with wrestling organizations such as IMPACT and Ring of Honor here in Las Vegas.

The three of them have created an outstanding combination to take professional wrestling news and entertainment to a whole new level. And with the current renewed interest in professional wrestling thanks to the WWE and the new All Elite Wrestling, you can take it to the bank that "The Mark Hoke Show" is the place to be to find it all.

You can follow Mark on Facebook at "The Mark Hoke Show" and on Twitter @MarkHokeShow.

Show Information:

Since the first airing of the show on August 1st, 2021, "The Mark Hoke Show" has become a hit in the Las Vegas Valley. It has claimed the #1 position in the Neilsen Ratings among all talk and sports radio stations in the Las Vegas market repeatedly from just a few weeks into the show's inception. As and example, for the 9/30-10/6 period, the show claimed a stunning 9.3 rating share and finished third overall in the Vegas market for our time slot.

Not only that but people are turning on the show and staying dialed in. The average registered listening time for someone tuning in entire hour meaning your company's message is going to be heard by our listeners.

The show's early success is not just limited to the Vegas airwaves. "The Mark Hoke Show" is being downloaded and listened to nationally and worldwide as the show has been downloaded in  all 50 states in the U.S. from coast to coast and in over 70 different countries on six continents already continually reaching a wider national and international audience every week.

The show's social media reach continues to expand as well with over 1,600 followers on Twitter and nearly 1,000 on Facebook already.

It is a terrific time to join "The Mark Hoke Show" family. Mark teaming with KDWN 101.5 FM/720 AM has proven to be an amazing pairing. And the power of KDWN is undeniable for advertisers.

⦁ 79% are homeowners
⦁ 78% have attended college
⦁ 74% spend at least 5+ hours online each week
⦁ 73% are married
⦁ 55% have investments
⦁ Median of listeners is 52 with 85% over the age of 35
⦁ 64,000 Adults 18+ tune into KDWN each week
⦁ Over 50,000 monthly users of the KDWN app
⦁ Over 75,000 Monthly Page Views of the KDWN website
⦁ Over 100,000 Total Monthly Listening Hours on the KDWN Livestream
⦁ A signal that reaches halfway into California, to Flagstaff, Arizona and just outside Phoenix, beyone Richfield, UT and near Tonopah, NV

And with KDWN, you are coming on board with not just one station but TWO. KDWN is the only news talk station in Las Vegas simulcast on both the AM and FM dials.

So climb into the ring and become tag team partners with "The Mark Hoke Show" and turn those listeners into dollar signs today!

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