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Monthly program entertains Bible questions submitted by listeners, focusing on Jehovah



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Monthly program entertains Bible questions submitted by listeners, focusing on Jehovah

Monthly program entertains Bible questions submitted by listeners, focusing on Jehovah

Since coming online in 2002 e-Watchman has endeavored to announce Jehovah's judgments. Besides my presence on the web at, I have also published the book, Jehovah Himself Has Become King 2005, and a second edtion in 2010, along with an iTunes version in 2015.  The book is basically a primer for the apocalypse to come.

Not being content to confine my activities to the Internet I have also conducted over a dozen direct mail campaigns, presenting my message directly to elders, circuit overseers and Bethel servants. 

Originally I bought pay-per-click ads to promote e-watchman. But after awhile those became unnecessary, as e-watchman enjoyed a modest presence in organic search listings for relevant keywords, such as "Jehovah's Witnesses." However, over time, for whatever reason, the site has slipped into seach engine sheol, as I have dubbed it. I have returned to pay-per-click promotion but the cost per click has increased substantially since I used it about 10 years ago, at a cost even back then of many thousands of dollars. Due to the increase in popularity of Google I have decided to ask for your help in defraying the cost. If you pledge a dollar per month, I pledge to use 100 cents of every dollar to promote e-watchman and the book site, at Your support will make it easier for persons searching for information to find it. 


Robert King

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$900 per month

If you are unfamiliar with pay-per-click advertising, participants bid on keywords that are associated with a website they wish to promote. The site promoted by highest bidder for a specific word or phrase that is used in Google searches will appear along with all of the so-called organic (non-paid) listings. The ads may appear at the top of the page, the bottom, or on the side. Back in 2005 a keyword phrase like "Jehovah's Witnesses" cost about five cents. Now it is almost 30 times that to have an ad appear on the 1st page of the monster search engine. So, if an advertiser wants to be found whenever someone searches for "Jehovah's Witnesses" they have to bid at least $2.71. 

According to Google analytics in a typical month there are about 50,000 searches for information related to "Jehovah's Witnesses." Of course, there are many other similar search terms. But regarding the goal of $900 per month, that translates to approximately 300 clicks per month. 

As it stands my podcasts have a modest listening audience of about 1,500 per month. Some programs have had more than 2,000. In just one day the initial goal of $300 was met in November. I am hopeful that tripling the goal for December is not asking too much. I have already upped my Google advertising budget. 

As the aposlte said "the time left is reduced." Please help me reach a broader audience with my message. 

  • arkistaznarf Creator
    arkistaznarf 2016-03-08
    "Dear brother we are thankful for all the hard work you have done. Your diligence in doing the work Jehovah has assigned to you has helped many including us to continue serving Jehovah. Recently, we promised him that we will give him something extra so this is it. We know it is not much but we know it may help others know the truth and hopefully prevent them from being stumbled." Lost Sheep (now found, thanks to Jehovah's mercy and provision) Agape
  • My Podcast Site Creator
    My Podcast Site "pow" 2015-12-04
    The people rejoiced over making these voluntary offerings, . O Jehovah our God, all this wealth that we have prepared to build for you a house for your holy name is from your own hand, and it all belongs to you.I am overjoyed to see your people who are present here make voluntary offerings to you. O Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, our forefathers, keep these inclinations and thoughts in the hearts of your people forever, and direct their hearts to you. 1 Chronicles 29:
  • anzwertree Creator
    anzwertree 2015-12-04
    To improve search ranking on Google you could try a few alternate strategies. Generally, the more links pointing back to your content the more important it thinks it is. It helps to publish content regularly if possible -- especially anything trending concerning news and current events that are relevant to your niche somehow. It doesn't need to be much. Of course, this is all easier said than done. Not because it's hard to do; it's just that many methods exist for accomplishing the same thing.
  • lewormjmnz Creator
    lewormjmnz 2015-12-03
    its a pleasure to give financial support to to spread the truth.may Jehovah bless
  • ryanjeffriespe Creator
    ryanjeffriespe 2015-11-30
    Thank you for your service to Jehovah and his Christ. May you be Blessed.
  • ireneevans3 Creator
    ireneevans3 2015-11-29
    i am so happy to think more of our brothers will be helped by brother Robert, thank you for all your hard work on our behalf
  • sam_holland67 Creator
    sam_holland67 2015-11-29
    it's a pleasure to help, although it's very little
  • peanuthuh Creator
    peanuthuh 2015-11-29
    Been with you since 2002. I give thanks to Jehovah for guiding me to you. :)
  • bobbysteidel Creator
    bobbysteidel 2015-11-29
    Please don't stop doing the work you are assigned to do.
  • heathochs7 Creator
    heathochs7 2015-11-28
    I don't want my picture to be cheese over asparagus. At least that's what it looks like. How do you personalize your picture?

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Pledge $1 per month

$1 or more per month • 10 patrons

The number of donors per month will be announced the following month. 


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