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Help support the podcast

The Information is an informative podcast covering a wide range of alternative topics.

A plethora of issues covered, ranging from the deepest of spiritual discussion to the dark plans of the NWO. Varied speakers and regular updates.

Originally a small press magazine from the late 1990s, The Information is a name we use to describe our entirely open perspective to alternative research. No topic is taboo, no speaker shunned at the door. In 2010, we decided to transfer an archive of written articles into audio format and publish them online. Since then, we have continued as a podcast offering new content on a regular basis.

Our goal is to provide a rich archive of regularly updated media, covering varied topics and offering an impartial analysis of news and events.

We really appreciate any support you can provide to us by way of monetary donations to help support these goals. All contributions will go towards our hosting costs, travel expenses, and continual investment in equipment. Many thanks in advance.

The Information is here!

From researchers Peter and Martin Poole.

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