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This level of patronage will cost you roughly what a few cans of COLD POP might set you back. Lord, Jesus, you've got bronchitis! 

All of our patrons will recieve recognition on our podcast. There literally isn't any other cause in the entire world more worthy of you support. Literally. 



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The Amazing Larry level of patronage is equal to what Larry would spend for a single pack of cigarettes. Did you know that studies show that smoking is actually bad for you? Rah-gee! It's been on the news.

You know what the Surgeon General doesn't have a problem with? Nacho Radio. Are we saving lives? Well, we're not comfortable with the term "heroes". Unless of course, we're talking about that marvelous someone who is willing to donate $6 a month to this cause. They're the REAL heroes. 

All of our patrons will recieve recognition on our podcast. Plus you get to act all sanctimonious whenever someone brings us up in polite conversation.

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Is it nuts to donate $10 a month on something that's actually FREE? Let's say that it is. You know what else is nuts? The amount of pizza pies Fat Guy Voice puts away at the buffet. More of anything? He'll take more of EVERYTHING!

$10 a month goes a long way to helping us meet the expense of keeping Nacho Radio going and will help us with the lofty goals we have for expansion. You'll recieve regonition here on the site and on our podcast. That recognition could be in the Fat Guy voice. Just saying.


Dave & Darren's Top Five Things Podcas

We're Nacho Radio's Dave & Darren. Our Top Five Things Podcast is just one phase of the Nacho Radio Empire. 

Did you know that even Michelagelo had a patron? It's true. Are we comparing our podcast to his David or The Sistine Chapel? In so far as both our work and his are considered masterful works of sheer genius, yes. Yes we are. 

Patrons of Dave & Darren's Top Five Things (regardless of the level of support) get access to our entire archive of shows. You'll also get access to exclusive bonus shows and Dave & Darren Classics with your host Alistar Bmillion.

We promise you we'll keep doing what we do and no one will ever send a tote bag to your house.

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Our goal is to raise enough money to keep operating Nacho Radio's podcast and music stations and to eventually make even more stations possible. 

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