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Sounds of the Caribbean is a Podcast featuring the best in Reggae music



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Sounds of the Caribbean is a Podcast featuring the best in Reggae music

After being on the FM airwaves in the Southern New Jersey & Philadelphia area for over 20 years The radio station that hosted and supported the show was  shut down leaving us homeless. After being on the radio sidelines for a short time Sounds of the Caribbean was picked up by WPRB 103.3 FM out of Princeton NJ in the Fall of 2018. After 5 glorious years at prb  I was informed by WPRB management in February 2023 that they wanted to shorten my show to two hours. Two hours is certainly not enough time to present the music that the listeners of SOTC have come to expect so I resigned from WPRB and have resumed the show via Podcast where there are no time constraints. It is so important to carry on the tradition of  the Sounds of the Caribbean Reggae Radio Podcast since it has been running since 2005.  It is currently being supported, produced and broadcast from my own home studio. Your donations go entirely to the upkeep of equipment, supplies, and to the purchases of technology to help keep the show sounding good. For those who know the show you know that it is not a passion for money that drives the spirit but a passion for the music and reggae's messages that is the true meaning. With your help we can continue to bring you the best in reggae music for the years to come.

Thank you so much for your support and kindness

Selecta Jerry 


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  • The Mightyriverroasters's Podcast Creator
    The Mightyriverroasters's Podcast 2 months ago
    Hey selecta . Wanted to say hi it’s been a minute . I pledged $3 per month on patron and purchased a t shirt and a sticker to represent. I only ask for two songs in return . First one is Ras Teo country living . This song hits home being from Iowa living in the country and being a coffee roaster . The second request is mighty mystic Cali Green from this great artist . Keep the great music pumping . Big UP Jason from Iowa
  • The Kit573's Podcast Creator
    The Kit573's Podcast 4 months ago
    Sounds of the Caribbean is a must listen every week for our family! We LOVE Selecta Jerry's show and positive message !! Big up!!!
  • The zakalwe5's Podcast Creator
    The zakalwe5's Podcast 7 months ago
    Just found your show a few months ago and have been in reggae heaven since. Loving all the roots and dub you send out each week. Massive thanks!
  • The briduck's Podcast Creator
    The briduck's Podcast 8 months ago
    Brian D and Aura B love Selecta Jerry!! Tis the time to give, give, give! Show support for the best radio show in the known universe! Love love!
  • The natemoncrief's Podcast Creator
    The natemoncrief's Podcast 10 months ago
    So appreciate what you do and how you do it. Sounds of the Caribbean joins me on runs, bike rides, in the office and on the road. And it's pulled me out of several bonks in all of the above. Thank you!
  • The ethanhaug's Podcast Creator
    The ethanhaug's Podcast 2022-04-25
    I can't get through my week without you, Selecta. We all need to go to the dub-zone every once in a while.
    I'm not sure if you've played "Untold Stories" by Buju Banton, but his unmistakably unique voice just puts a smile on my face when I first heard him. I hope we can share this with others.
    BIG UPS!
  • The sophiejojoseph's Podcast Creator
    The sophiejojoseph's Podcast 2021-08-14
    Hey Jerry,
    We love your podcast! 🙏
    Please could you give a shout out to Ras Tonny for his birthday this Tuesday?
    it would mean the world to him and help to lift his spirits. Please say lots of love from Sophie.
    Thank you for your uplifting music every week ❤
  • The Mightyriverroasters's Podcast Creator
    The Mightyriverroasters's Podcast 2021-05-16
    Keep up the great music my friend.
  • The Reidbeck's Podcast Creator
    The Reidbeck's Podcast 2021-04-19
    This show makes hard times in the mountains into only positive times. Thank you so much for the good vibes!!
  • The sholzy214's Podcast Creator
    The sholzy214's Podcast 2021-01-22
    Big Ups to the Selecta! SOTC has been so clutch for my drives through the Rocky Mountains and deserts of CO where there's no signal. Amazing music discovery tool and absolutely love the commentary. Keep on keepin' on!

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