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Help us help you keep your movie viewing nonsense to a minimum!

We have to take a stand against movie nonsense; and that begins and ends with us... and you. We are an entirely DIY setup, just three friends who are looking for a good time and for you to share it with us. This is obviously at this point at least something we do because it's fun, and enriching (clearly). Hopefully at some point there will be some fun sponsors pitching in, and we can give everyone a t-shirt with Chuck on it and all that good stuff but until then, your dollars and cents help us fill the void in our lives that is a back room with a few microphones and some goofy cats running in and out.

Any dollars that we raise will first and foremost get you a shout out, and maybe even a review of a movie of YOUR choice (bribes tend to work well I think). On the flipside, any monies at this point will not be going into our pockets but into the podcast itself. better equipment, hardware, and programs to make it all feel and sound the best it can be.

We appreciate the fact that you've even stopped by to consider joining us. Check out the Facebook page, Twitter, and the semi official website (just Google Upchuck Theater and we're everywhere)!!! Help us keep the movie viewing nonsense to a minimum!

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