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Ajahn Brahm and the other monks and nuns resident with the Buddhist Society of Western Australia off...



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Ajahn Brahm and the other monks and nuns resident with the Buddhist Society of Western Australia off...

Ajahn Brahm and the other monks and nuns resident with the Buddhist Society of Western Australia offer regular dharma talks on a variety of topics all aimed at the development of generosity, virtue, serenity and wisdom, so that we may all learn to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

By subscribing to this podcast you will have the opportunity to listen to dharma talks nearly every day of the week. Listen to dharma on the way to work to set you up in the right frame of mind to have a peaceful and productive day.

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To establish two new podcasts - one for meditation, one for smaller "dharma bits"

$125 per month

We've upgraded our podbean account to premium and added the a new podcast (Deeper Dhamma) for more experienced practitioners focusing on meditation retreat talks and sutta study. We've also got a new website and initiatives planned. This can only be achieved with the support of generous donors like you. 

  • The SMARBAMADA's Podcast Creator
    The SMARBAMADA's Podcast 2 months ago
    i listen to at least one guided meditation almost every day. i love your folks!
  • The eliasmanuelmayer's Podcast Creator
    The eliasmanuelmayer's Podcast 2021-01-14
    Thank you appreciate your work
  • The gubgrr's Podcast Creator
    The gubgrr's Podcast 2019-01-16
    Thank you so much for your insights. Meditation and the Buddhist teachings have changed me life.... for that I am incredibly grateful. 💗
  • The corazonedelaphoenix's Podcast Creator
    The corazonedelaphoenix's Podcast 2018-06-12
    I committed to patronage. Which means you've made an impact on my dearly held committment-phobeitus syndrome 😁 Very few can make such a claim!
  • The gammaryst's Podcast Creator
    The gammaryst's Podcast 2017-08-04
    Thanks for letting me to contribute to BSWA. May you be well and happy. Francis
  • The happydog's Podcast Creator
    The happydog's Podcast 2017-02-22
    these wonderful teaching are life changing. thank you
  • Buddhist Society of Western Australia Creator
    Buddhist Society of Western Australia 2017-02-05
    Hi romeobuddha, you can be sure that we'll be posting more Ajahn Brahmali's teachings as they become available. Also check out http://deeperdhamma.podbean.com which is also being supported by patrons of this podcast.
  • romeobuddha Creator
    romeobuddha 2017-02-04
    Thank BSWA for all that you do. Can you please upload more talks by Ajahn Bramali?
  • The nimdissa's Podcast Creator
    The nimdissa's Podcast 2017-01-05
    Thanks for providing access to Dharma.
  • sarahcarnemolla Creator
    sarahcarnemolla 2016-03-14
    Thank you

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